Love, Castro Street cover

Love, Castro Street

Recognized as perhaps the world’s most queer destination, San Francisco has a long, storied history of embracing—and influencing—gay and lesbian culture. Now, Michael Nava, Elana Dykewoman, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Jim Tushinski, Michele Tea, K.M. Soehnlein, and many others offer up essays and stories about why they love Castro Street.

“Many people from all over the world have stories, memories, and dreams about the Castro. Stories about how the neighborhood has marked a milestone in their development, made them who they are, altered their lives. Perhaps they came from a small town and spread their wings sexually, politically, creatively. Perhaps they came to town single and partnered here. Perhaps they came of age here, in one way or another, as they bore witness to the history created here. The stories in this collection are powerful, poignant, and important. And representative of many.”

— from the Introduction

Jim Van Buskirk reads the Introduction to Love, Castro Street.

Audio by Andy Moore
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