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“Great Expectations for Queer Literature” [interview with Charles Flowers] in Bay Area Reporter 3/30/06 Vol. 36:13

“New Life at the Plush Room” [Rrazz Productions] in Bay Area Reporter, 10/27/05, Vol. 35:43

“Klea Blackhurst’s San Francisco Autumn” [interview with Klea Blackhurst] in Bay Area Reporter, 9/15/05, Vol. 35:37

“Sitting in the Dark, Being Sung To” [interview with Marilyn Levinson] in Bay Area Reporter, 10/20/05, Vol. 35:42

“Songs in the Key of Stevie Wonder” [interview with Darius De Haas] in Bay Area Reporter, 11/10/05, Vol.35:45

“Dirty Dreams of a Drama Geek” [Interview with F. Allen Sawyer] in Bay Area Reporter. February 28, 2002